FBI Brokers Inform Former Colleague Extra Is Coming for Jan. 6 Attackers

Speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Friday, former FBI agent Frank Figliuzzi announced that more were coming from the office as the investigation into the January 6 attack continues.

It became known this week that the FBI has arrested over 400 people and they expect to arrest at least another 100 people. You have received nearly 250,000 tips from people who have posted them, such as family members, significant others, former significant others, and coworkers. But there is more to come, according to Figliuzzi.

Wallace first asked about members of the Proud Boys who were denied bail because the judge believed there would be a danger to the community if they were released.

“There are a few interesting things about this decision not to bail and keep these people in custody, and one of these is interesting to anyone who claims that this judge might be politically oriented in his decision making that this was a judge appointed by the former president [Donald] Trump, ”explained Figliuzzi. “Second, this judge had to be fundamentally different from the judges of the lower court or other federal courts, who were previously inclined to allow a trial on bail because new evidence was presented to him.”

The new evidence, he explained, was that the Proud Boys had no intention of stopping attacks on communities.

“The prosecutors have brought new evidence and Nicolle, the people I speak to who may know where this investigation is leading, use sentences on me as if you hadn’t seen anything. There’s more to come, ”he warned. “And what they refer to when I ask them are two things. The number of people to be charged, as you said, has now been admitted that it will be at least 500. But they also relate to the caliber and size of the cases. You will see more conspiracy. You will see people called as leaders. Don’t be surprised if you see these kinds of cross-references from Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in coordination with each other. And maybe even attempts to crush these two organizations through an enterprise law enforcement theory. “

See the full video discussion below:

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