Ex-Trump Legal professional Livid DOJ Investigating Gaetz however Not Hunter Biden – Then Laments Demise of ‘Presumption of Innocence’

Former Trump campaign and personal lawyer Jenna Ellis is furious about the Justice Department’s investigation into Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) for possible sex trafficking in underage girls and wants to know why Hunter Biden was not charged with misconduct – and only hours later, complains of the “presumed innocence” death.

“Okay, so wait,” said Ellis, posing as a “constitutional lawyer,” on Twitter, “the DOJ has time to investigate Matt Gaetz, but the whole situation with Hunter Biden is okay now?” And where is Durham ??? That is why the American people are so above it all. “

“Durham” is former US attorney John Durham, whom former Attorney General Bill Barr appointed as special advisor to investigate the origins of the FBI’s investigation into Russia. After two years, he reportedly found no issues with the FBI’s decision to investigate Trump and the Trump campaign for possible ties with Russia.

It is unclear who Ellis is referring to when she laments that “the American people are so past it all” as it appears that Hunter Biden’s actions do not warrant prosecution, but ironically she also lamented the death of the “presumption “of innocence”, only seven hours later:

The presumption of innocence dies on Twitter.

– Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) March 31, 2021

Ellis, a devout Christian who has suggested that the left seek to overturn Christianity, has compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia and bestiality and supports the criminalization of homosexuality.

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