Donald Trump Jr. Bombs at CPAC – and Will get Scorched for Mendacity That ‘Radical’ Dems Have ‘Banned the Muppets’ From TV

If Donald Trump, Jr.. I was hoping to get support for a political run that it didn’t get on Friday Conservative political action conference. The former president’s son was the last speaker of the day but had to address a room with more empty chairs than he probably expected. There was no attempt to be “socially aloof” at CPAC, and it was definitely not “just standing”.

The conservative crowd didn’t seem particularly impressed or enthusiastic about Trump Jr.’s remarks. Once, when he spoke to CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter (whom he called Brian Slettler) with “Mr. Potato Head, “claiming everyone makes this comparison (almost no one makes this comparison except for this guy and a Fox News host), he got enough recoil that he had to try to defend his ugly attack.

Jr. also tried to joke, “Liz Cheney is less popular than her father on a quail hunt.” He was referring to the former vice president who accidentally shot an acquaintance in the face – in 2006, 15 years ago. There were likely participants in the room who were literally too young to know what he was talking about. When some groaned, he declared, “fact-checking: true.”

Trump Jr.’s speech was his usual mix of lies, half-truths, and self-victimization, accentuated by a big lie about something incredibly irrelevant: “The Muppets” (no insult to the Muppets).

“This month, this month alone, they banned the Muppets,” Trump Jr. lied, blaming “the radical left” for the cancellation, which did not take place.

“Right. I mean, if there are things that you thought were above rejection, you would be wrong. There is nothing the radical left is not going to overturn.”

He was probably referring to Disney +, which is where almost every Muppet episode now appears. Entertainment Weekly reports that two episodes are missing, one because Disney failed to secure the rights to the music in one episode and one because the episode’s guest star is now a convicted sex offender and “convicted of possession of child pornography.”

BBC News adds that Disney added a content warning about “negative stereotypes” at the beginning of some episodes.

That doesn’t cancel The Muppets, although Trump’s father made it clear that he doesn’t like warning labels on its contents either.


“They banned the muppets”

– Acyn (@Acyn) February 26, 2021

Some answers:

(1) Nobody banned the muppets. You are now on Disney +.
(2) This complaint has nothing to do with politics and is also not real (see 1).
(3) The problem of the right is often not politics, it’s just emotional – we don’t like them, they suck!
(4) There’s Coke in your room, Donnie …

– Young dad (@Toure) February 26, 2021

For the record, the muppets were the opposite of “forbidden”.

They were * added * to the Disney + platform, not removed.

You will lie about anything and everything, no matter how easily it is exposed.

– TrumpsTaxes (@TrumpsTaxes) February 26, 2021

If abandonment culture were an ~ actual ~ problem, you’d think conservatives could point out * real * things that * actually * happened instead of lying about shit

The muppets weren’t banned, episodes weren’t removed … it’s all a farce

– Lis Power (@ LisPower1) February 26, 2021

Don Junior just thinks the muppets are banned because he can’t figure out how to get the Disney + to work

– Twice accused One-Term Trumpy (parody) (@outofcontroljb) February 26, 2021

Yes, the Muppets were “banned” by putting the series on a popular streaming service

– Taco McGibblets (@TMcgibblets) February 26, 2021

He has to explain why I can still see the muppets when they are forbidden.

– REDACTED Human scraps / hand washing machine / mask wearer (@mrshellwinger) February 26, 2021

90% of complaints are cultural complaints for which there is no political or political solution. That is the crux of the law at this moment.

– Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) February 26, 2021

I know the law can’t trust the media so they can’t use google to check the lies their leaders tell them, but Donnie T says “They banned the muppets” but you can just go to Disney + go and see that this is not prohibited. Is the Disney + homepage also a fake? I am tired.

– Young dad (@Toure) February 26, 2021

Nobody banned the muppets. Nobody censored the Muppets. The Muppets have ONLY become much more accessible over the past week. Infinitely more accessible, which is like the opposite of the muppet ban.

Donny Jr. should scold: “You raised the Muppets!”

– Daniel Fienberg (@TheFienPrint) February 26, 2021

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