‘Disgusting’ Lara Trump Faces Livid Backlash for Funneling Canine Rescue Donations to Mar-a-Lago

“What is he talking about? Pregnant pilots are just pregnant pilots,” said Brianna Keilar, who advises Tucker Carlson and Fox News on defending male soldiers accused of war crimes while denigrating “honorable female service members.”

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar makes a high-level attack on a low-life propaganda host of Fox News Tucker Carlsonand blasted the conservative cable network star for his comments targeting women, particularly pregnant women, in the US military.

Keilar extended her attack to all Fox Newsand intelligently notes that Carlson, the face of Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine, not only “vilifies honorable female service members” but also defends their male counterparts who have been accused of crimes, including war crimes – standard in both senses. “

Calling Fox News “a highly rated propaganda arm that normally professes to support the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces,” she slapped Carlson for “targeting service members who not only fight for this country, but also plan. ” the growth of people for missions in war zones. “

She also played Carlson’s response to the countless social media posts berating him for attacking women who wear their country’s uniform to defend them – including his right to freedom of expression to attack them.

“Today the Department of Defense launched a large and coordinated public relations offensive against this show,” Carlson said on the air Thursday evening. “Pentagon Brass made hostile statements, people in uniform posted videos on social media. The Department of Defense even issued a press release attacking us. “Press Secretary Smites Fox News Host,” he said, mocking a Department of Defense article on his own website. “‘Smites’ like we were a hostile alien force,” complained Carlson.

“It’s bigger than a feud with some flak in the Pentagon. This is really worrying. The Department of Defense has never been more aggressive or overtly political, ”he claimed.

Keilar then gave everything context.

“Carlson had to react because the backlash was fierce, so he chose to respond, pretending that the backlash was just the Pentagon, just Biden’s political agents reprimanding him, but that’s not what this is. The military at all levels blames Carlson’s comments for being sexist and anti-military. Military spouses reprimanded Carlson, ”she noted. “Active duty women and men impaled Carlson. It was exceptional for them to speak out, but Carlson ignored that attempt to say that he was only focused on making sure the military was strong.”

She then played another clip from Carlson:

“Nothing is more important than the work it does to our US military. Our military is the last functioning institution of any size in this country, the last institution most people trust and respect. It’s by far the most important thing, a weak military doesn’t mean a country, period. “

“Well,” she continued, “if Tucker Carlson believes this, why is he actively trying to weaken it by denigrating essential members of the armed forces for no other reason than that they are women?” Perhaps he doesn’t realize his comments are weakening the military, after all, he wouldn’t be familiar with the use of a trip to Nantucket or a rocket launcher from a lacrosse stick, but that’s exactly what he does to slander pregnant service members. “

In response to Carlson defending himself, his show, and Fox News as “pro-pregnancy” after attacking flight suits and uniforms for pregnant women, Keilar asked in frustration, “What is he talking about?”

“Pregnant pilots are just pregnant pilots. They are not worse or better because they are pregnant. They are only highly qualified women, and in a volunteer force in a country where most people would not qualify to join, the military needs highly qualified women. Unsurprisingly, Tucker Carlson doesn’t get this, or that Fox doesn’t get it. The network has a double standard. They have used their platform to effectively advocate pardoning male service members and military contractors who have been convicted or charged with war crimes. “

“Tucker Carlson’s predictable game would be to say this about free speech,” she continued, finalizing her prosecution against Carlson and Fox News. “Well, he’s free to say what the hell he wants. He can wake up in the morning and find out who to offend and what to scold about in order to get the attention he seems to need. But remember, Carlson’s is the top rated show on the network. He’s Fox, and when Fox tries to fix his rating ship, his Tucker upgrades his other programming too. Laughlan Murdoch said aloud that his network was the “loyal opposition” to the Biden administration. Good. Is he cool with his top-rated host, who acts like the loyal opposition to the U.S. military base that the network advocates? What are you saying? Fox can come to the rescue of convicted war criminals, but denigrate honorable female service members? We tried to find out more about this Fox contradiction. They had over 24 hours to respond to our questions and they didn’t. “


. @ brikeilarCNN on Tucker Carlson’s sexist comments on women serving in the armed forces: “Why is he actively trying to weaken? [the military] by denigrating essential members of the armed forces for no other reason than that they are women? “Https://t.co/5Os4MfmxZE #RollTheTape pic.twitter.com/TmC4BjxtNt

– CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) March 12, 2021

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