DeSantis Indicators Voter Suppression Invoice Into Legislation – Bars All Native Information however Provides Fox ‘Unique’

Michigan House spokesman Lee Chatfield (R) explained on Sunday how a constitutional crisis could spell victory for President Donald Trump despite losing his state’s referendum.

In an interview with Pete Hegseth, the Fox News host, Chatfield defended his most recent meeting with Trump. Prior to the meeting, critics warned that this would give the current president an opportunity to persuade Michigan lawmakers not to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

“If the President of the United States calls, attend this meeting,” Chatfield insisted. “There was this outrage that the president would ask us to break the law and he would ask us to interfere. And that just didn’t happen. “

Michigan lawmakers then outlined Trump’s road to victory in his state, which began with the Republican Party’s motion to postpone the confirmation of the election for two weeks.

“We have 71 percent of the counties in Wayne County. Your postal voting books don’t match what is on the agenda,” he said. “That is why the legislature carried out our own research.”

“If there was a 2-2 split on the State Board of Canvassers, it would go to the Michigan Supreme Court,” Chatfield continued. “If they didn’t have the order that it be certified, we now have a constitutional crisis in the state of Michigan. It has never happened before because, as the federal constitution says, this is left to the state legislature. The state parliament decided a long time ago to do so. “

“What if the state parliament is inconsistent about whether it has confidence in who won the greater number of votes or not?” Answered Hegseth. “Then you are in an interesting place.”

“It’s a place I really don’t want to be,” remarked Chatfield. “There are reports of irregularities, reports of fraud. The fact is, no Republican or Democrat should get upset about a lawmaker investigation. And we started these investigations. “

Democratic MP Matt Koleszar replied to Chatfield on Twitter.

“Mr. The Speaker continues to use vague language in his interviews and statements to secure the elections,” said Koleszar. “The constitutional crisis has already begun, sir. It started the day you and other leaders refused to come after ours Employees and the electoral process. “

“This is the crisis,” he added.

Check out the video below from Fox News.

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