Democrat Introduces Decision to Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene From Congress for ‘Endorsements of Sedition’

The Republican majority house in North Dakota voted Thursday to expel one of its own members, who is accused by several women of threatening behavior and sexually molesting.

Luke Simons was voted out by a large margin at 69-25. Republicans hold 80 seats of the body’s 94 seats.

“A 14-page document compiled by the Impartial Legislative Council alleges that Simons made ‘strides’ towards female staff and interns, commenting on their appearances and attempting to give an employee an unsolicited shoulder massage. One employee described his behavior as “really scary,” reports the AP. “The Legislative Council released two additional documents this week alleging the inappropriate and bizarre behavior of Simons.”

One of his Republican colleagues “made a statement last week that his harassment was so widespread that she switched desks to get away from him.”

Another allegation related to a woman who “claimed Simons once put his lunch box in her office before going to the bathroom and said,” I bet you hope there isn’t a bomb there, huh? “

As a rancher and barber, Simons is married and has five children. He has denied all allegations and refused to step down, although the allegations fell shortly after he took office in 2017. He says his accusers “twisted my words”.

Simons is a member of a pro-gun, limited government group in the house called the Bastiat Caucus. His Facebook page has posts indicating that he is against Vaxx, against Mask, against taxes and against choice, against the $ 15 minimum wage, and against climate change.

Late last month, Rob Port wrote in an opinion piece for The Grand Forks Herald about an “incident that was the last straw for many who work at the Capitol … when Simons was asked by Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, a Fargo Democrat,” do this on his mask. Simons replied with ‘f – off’ and ‘you are not my f – mother’, an outburst that shocked observers. ‘

Several lawmakers have told me in confidence that they are urging lawmakers to reprimand Simons and possibly evict him from the house. “If we don’t do something about this guy, he’ll do something crazier and we’ll regret it,” a Republican from the Bismarck area told me.

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