Dan Abrams Says for Trump ‘All Indicators Are In direction of Indictment’

Donald TrumpThe former US president, who has been charged twice, is “likely” to be charged, says ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams, insisting that he will have a hard time evading accountability this time around.

“All signs point to a likely charge,” said Abrams, the founder of Law & Crime and Mediaite, the co-moderators on Tuesday at “The View”.

“Why am I saying that? First, you have the dispute over former President Trump’s tax returns. Then you have the hiring of a very high profile prosecutor who is essentially overseeing this case. He leaves a very comfortable job in a private practice just to work on this case in the prosecutor’s office, that’s his expertise, and now you have this special grand jury that is as staffed as you get a special grand Jury unless they believe they have evidence of a crime. So all evidence, all signals point to a likely charge against someone, if not more than one person. “

Co-host Joy Behar expressed concern that Trump “got away” with numerous misdeeds and always defied strong accountability.

“Treat me to my skepticism,” Behar pleaded, “but Trump got away with impeachment, he got away with inciting a riot in the Capitol. He got away with the Mueller investigation, you know what makes you think they’ll get him this time? There is something about this guy that he slips through because he has it, he has enablers everywhere. “

Abrams, dubbed a “recognized legal affairs analyst,” explained why this time around is less likely.

“It’s different,” he said. “There was a lead in each of these cases, wasn’t there? When you talk about impeachment, are you talking about specific rules relating to impeachment of a president and what is the standard for when should someone be charged? He was on a very specific lead with Mueller in the Russia investigation, etc. They say you can’t go beyond that, this Manhattan prosecutor in particular can investigate any potential crime that comes on his desk, and we’re not talking about Donald here Trump as President, with the protection that the President has, let’s talk about what Donald Trump has done as a private individual in relation to real estate deals and possible bank fraud etc. So in that sense he’s being treated like everyone else, which makes this a very different type of investigation than any other you mentioned. “

Abrams also noted that the investigation was now about “his conduct prior to his term as president.”

“I’m just telling you that all the signals, and you’re right, you never know because they say ‘we’re going to raise standards because he’s the former president’ and ‘we need to be even more convinced because he is the former president is, it is possible the prosecutor will do that, but if you only view it as a private individual, if that were a different case, everyone else would tell you all the signals are towards the prosecution. “


. @ danabrams says @TheView that “all indications point to a probable indictment” in the Trump investigation: “They don’t get a special grand jury like this unless they believe they have evidence of a crime. All evidence So all signals point to a likely charge against someone. ”pic.twitter.com/nvXPzUPnxg

– The View (@TheView) June 1, 2021

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