‘Crybaby’ Billionaire Hedge Fund Supervisor Mocked After Telling CNBC People Getting Their ‘Truthful Share Is a BS Idea’

Billionaire investor and hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman has been mocked on social media after complaining on CNBC Thursday that Americans who want their fair share are “bullshit”.

Cooperman heads Omega Advisors. He is reportedly the majority owner of the investment firm and is believed to be worth around $ 3.2 billion.

“The reason the market does what it does is because people sit at home and get their government checks,” he told CNBC in a widespread clip on Twitter.

“This fair share is a bullshit concept,” he says in the clip. “It’s only one way to attack wealthy people and I think it’s inappropriate – we must all work together and pull together.”

CNBC just got a billionaire who says this whole thing is “just a way to attack wealthy people” pic.twitter.com/kIIoalBfBF

– Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) January 28, 2021

Cooperman appeared to be discussing trading platform RobinHood’s move to discourage investors from trading Gamestop after grassroots investment activists organizing on Reddit increased the company’s value from $ 2 billion to $ 24 billion on Wednesday.

Americans suffer historic unemployment, illness and death in the face of the runaway coronavirus pandemic as stock markets regularly hit new heights. The phrase “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” aptly describes the state of financial health of Americans.

Social media users weren’t amused.

Can you believe people are sitting at home trading stocks and benefiting from the hard work of others, says … [checks notes] … hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman. https://t.co/qvTMRkfgGS

– David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) January 28, 2021

Check out this incredible crybaby pic.twitter.com/KmJvZpBQ59

– Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) January 28, 2021

Attack rich people. Dear God. Who made the short film ?! Why are we projected to save 6 months in an emergency and they will whine and receive a rescue every time they are at risk?

– JR (@JakeRubin) January 28, 2021

For those wondering who of these “the real victims during the pandemic and economic crisis are the super-rich” is: https://t.co/gAeziBeRG1

– Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) January 28, 2021

attack wealthy people. To sit there with so much boldness to say that. Well. Attack them MORE.

– Radioactive Snake 🌐 (@RadiactiveSnake) January 28, 2021

“One way to attack wealthy people” 😭😭 bc they are the victims yup https://t.co/JiMXv45Lwa

– 🐻‍❄️⁷ (@shookytwts) January 28, 2021

LMAO, good old Leon Cooperman. Four years ago he had to pay an SEC fine for insider trading and consent to a monitor: https://t.co/scPzESWumj

A year ago he pretended to cry because Elizabeth Warren wanted to raise his taxes. https://t.co/GQKlk13iMd

– Max Kennerly (@MaxKennerly) January 28, 2021

I have none of that naive claim that the WSB crew is a selfless proletarian insurrection, but thank God if those CNBC hedge fund motherfuckers aren’t the easiest people in the world to hate. Fuck her https://t.co/69PD2qoHh6

– Austin Walker (@austin_walker) January 28, 2021

Attacking rich people, weird. They just got a huge bailout from the Fed while ordinary people got less than they needed to survive. They know exactly why people are crazy and they know they are cheating.

– Brandi (@Hypeduponsugar) January 28, 2021

1) What checks does he think we are getting and how much does he think they are?
2) Does he say we shouldn’t attack rich people? That is a flawed argument from the start.
3) I haven’t seen much of this approach to collaboration through this pandemic.

– Eunice Hennion (@HelloNowLeaving) January 28, 2021

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