Cruz Refuses to Put on Masks When ‘Speaking to the TV Digital camera’ – Falsely Claims He is Following ‘CDC Steering’

US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) says he won’t wear a mask on TV because he has been vaccinated, falsely claiming that CDC guidelines don’t have to.

“Would you mind putting on a mask for us?” An off-camera reporter asked the Texas Republican Senator when he was about to speak.

“Uh, when I talk to the television camera, I won’t be wearing a mask,” Cruz said quickly, making a gesture around his face to his Senate colleagues behind him. More than a quarter of Congress members reportedly oppose the vaccine, but there are no public records of who was vaccinated and who refused.

“It would make us feel better,” urged the reporter.

“Feel free to step down if you like,” Cruz replied, effectively suggesting that reporters working on the front lines shouldn’t expect elected officials to follow the rules to keep them and others safe from the coronavirus.

The reporter didn’t answer. Cruz paused, grinned uncomfortably, then explained that this was “the whole point of a vaccine.”

He added, “CDC guidance is what we follow.”

Sen. Cruz is wrong. The whole point of the vaccine is to keep people from getting sick and dying. His refusal to wear a vaccinated or unvaccinated mask does not achieve this goal – especially since the vaccine is not one hundred percent effective. Studies seem to show that those vaccinated are less likely to spread the virus, but this has not been confirmed and, even if so, not at a hundred percent rate.

Cruz is also wrong in what the CDC recommends for those who have been fully vaccinated.

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated individuals should continue to: “Take precautions, such as wearing a well-fitting mask and physical distancing,” and “Wear masks, practice physical distancing, and follow other preventive measures in public if you are not vaccinated Visiting people who are at increased risk of developing severe COVID-19 or when an unvaccinated household member is at increased risk of developing severe COVID-19. “

According to President Joe Biden’s Executive Ordinance, “Anyone working or visiting any federal building or state must wear masks, maintain physical distance, and comply with other public health measures as outlined in CDC guidelines.”


Question: Would you mind putting on a mask for us?
Ted Cruz: Yes, when I talk to the television camera, I won’t wear a mask.

– Acyn (@Acyn) March 24, 2021

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