Corporations could not wish to rent in Colorado due to labor law

According to a 9Wants to Know survey, at least 10 companies may avoid adopting Coloradans to circumvent new labor laws.

Colorado, United States – Looking for a job Colorado may miss opportunities as companies fail to hire them to avoid complying with law to correct wage differentials. ..

In Colorado, employers with at least one state employee must offer a honest floor and a limited salary range for the amount they are willing to pay. That means equal pay for equal work. It got active this year.

9Wants to Know reviewed job openings in remote areas and found that 10 companies would accept hiring in the US if they did not live in Colorado.

“With the exception of Colorado, it is open to remote work.” Post to HR work at Nike said ..

Nike has not yet responded to requests for comment at the time of this writing, but said it would make a statement in the near future.

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Senator Jesse Danielson (D-Wheatridge) said such job advertisements would fly in the face of their sponsored equal pay for equal work law.

“These companies don’t have to post salary information, so it looks like they are purposely excluding potential employees here who still need these jobs,” Danielson said. Lord says. “It’s just wrong.”

She said the more transparency you have, the more you know what is on offer and the more rewards you can get. This helps people, especially women, to defend themselves more effectively.

Companies like Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and Lincoln Financial used similar language in all applications. Recruiter RapidSOS In a screenshot from 9 Wants to Know, a company that provides data services to emergency personnel stated that employees were unable to work from Colorado due to a new state policy.

“… Colorado has several remote working laws and regulations that began earlier this year,” the recruiter wrote.

RapidSOS did not respond to the request for comment.

Another company called website and application hosting platform DigitalOceanInitially said positions could be filled remotely, but “due to the demands of local CO vacancies, CO can’t”.

A spokeswoman said 9NEWS changed the way they did after contacting them. Job offers do not have this language in the post.

Brenna Hogan, a spokeswoman for Digital Ocean, said: Email. “We currently have employees in Colorado and we will continue to employ them in Colorado. We will update our vacancies next week to comply with this new law. “

Hogan refused to answer the follow-up question on whether this meant the payroll would go on the post. This information was not available until Friday afternoon.

Scott Moss, director of labor standards and statistics for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), said these companies did not break the law.

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“If you don’t exist in Colorado and don’t have any employees in Colorado, then they don’t come under the jurisdiction of Colorado law, so they’re not covered,” Moss said.

3 other jobs verified by 9Wants to Know Including those by Google, the salary range was not listed.

Moss said it wasn’t allowed

“Employers must list salaries or pay ranges in order to post job advertisements or it is a violation,” Moss said.

Google did not return a comment request.

Most companies obey the law, Moss said. If you don’t, usually fix the problem after being contacted by CDLE. The agency has the power to impose a fine in the event of “willful misconduct” or repeated problems with the company.

So far, the agency has filed 68 complaints. 48 of them are still waiting for a decision. Of the 20 choices made:

  • 13 was fired for lack of details or the company found it was indeed compliant.

  • There were 7 violations. Four were fixed soon and three are still awaiting a response from the company.

Moss said anonymous tips could be considered, but the stories should include a screenshot and a link to the post. Otherwise, it will be difficult for CDLE to follow up. You can fill out a complaint online and through this form.

CDLE We have put together a fact sheet for companies that do not know how to comply with this law.

Aaron Batiro has created a website, Colorado Exclusion, These companies are also tracking.

“It’s a shame Colorado is left out,” Batiro said. There’s a reason transparency is important. “

Batiro tracked list of 36 cases in 33 companies as of Tuesday morning. Users can submit new posts to the website for approval before they are added to the list.

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