Connecticut’s Paid Go away Program Begins Operations

Most Connecticut employees will see a new, small deduction from their first paycheck for 2021. The ongoing 0.5 percent deduction will fund the state’s new paid vacation program.

Beginning in 2022, when the Paid Vacation Trust Fund is fully funded, contributors can take up to 12 weeks of paid family vacation and medical leave up to 95 percent of their wages.

Andrea Barton Reeves, CEO of the Paid Leave Authority, says this change will affect even the smallest businesses with just one employee.

“There’s a whole new world that small businesses have to navigate,” she told Connecticut Public Radio’s Where We Live. “The biggest concern we hear is that if people get paid for their vacation, they will likely benefit more from it.” and they will take it more often and they will take it for longer periods of time. But the reality is that in other states – let’s take Washington State as an example, which has a program as close as possible to ours – statistics just don’t back it up. “

Barton Reeves says that an employee who earns $ 40,000 a year will contribute approximately $ 200 to the program within a year. Connecticut is the seventh state to have such an initiative.

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