Christian ‘Prophet’ Calls Help for Trump a Measure of Loyalty to God

QAnon conspiracy theorist and alleged “prophet” Johnny Enlow appeared on Elijah Streams’ YouTube channel on Friday claiming that it is a test for one to continue to believe that former President Donald Trump would win the 2020 election has and still is the legitimate President of the United States is true commitment to God.

Enlow, who is among the various self-proclaimed “prophets” who guaranteed Trump to win the 2020 election and still refuse to accept that their prophecies were false, actually stated that it is not enough for Christians to simply worship God, it must also acknowledge that Trump was anointed by God and therefore continues to support him.

“I call it the ‘Trump Test,'” said Enlow. “It is biblical precedent that it is not enough just to say, ‘Hey, I worship God, I am totally sold to God or Jesus.’ There’s this thing about the body of Christ – and there’s a good part of it and a bad part of it – “Well, I’m so sick of it all. I just want it to be all about Jesus and all about God and surrender to Jesus, surrender to God. ‘ You won’t find the time in history that you didn’t have to find out who you are connecting with and with whom you are connected. “

Enlow said that God used his prophets to let the rest of the church know who was anointed to serve as leaders, like Moses and King David. Enlow warned that those who do not follow God’s chosen leaders, as in this case Trump, “will come under judgment because they have not recognized it”.

“If you turn against God’s person who he uses, his instrument,” Enlow explained, “even if you believe that you are 100 percent dedicated to God, it will cost you. … That’s a line in the sand, this ‘Trump test’. “

Enlow claimed that the Christian leaders and ministries currently witnessing great outpouring of God’s blessings are those “who have not withdrawn from Trump”.

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here with permission.

Christian ‘Prophet’ Calls Support for Trump a Measure of Loyalty to God first appeared in The New Civil Rights Movement.

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