Chambers Co-Internet hosting Paid Depart Webinar For Small Companies

Published: April 16, 2021, 7:00 a.m.

Do You Know Everything About CT Paid Leave?

According to Helen Brickfield, executive director of the Newtown Chamber of Commerce, most companies with one or more employees are affected by paid vacation, which ensures workers don’t have to choose between a paycheck and their ability to care for themselves or their loved ones .

To help businesses and workers better understand this new government program, Brickfield is hosting a webinar on small business paid vacation at lunchtime on April 20th. Other co-organizers are the Brookfield and Monroe Chambers of Commerce in partnership with the CH Booth Library and the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library in Monroe.

“We work with like-minded organizations to reach all of our local businesses,” Brickfield told The Newtown Bee. “This year we had to process a lot of information and fill out forms – and we learned that we have to contact and communicate in a variety of ways. Entrepreneurs are busy and we are always looking for ways to help them get informed. “

The event will help all attendees understand which employers need to attend, who is entitled to paid vacation, and what resources are available to support businesses and workers. This webinar will be recorded.

The webinar will be hosted by Erin Choquette, General Counsel at PaMLIA (Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority), whose board of directors consists of 15 members including Treasurer Designate, State Comptroller, and several state agency officers, legislators and the governor.

Prior to joining the Paid Vacation Authority, Choquette spent 14 years in the Administrative Services Department, most recently as Policy and Legislative Advisor to the DAS Commissioner, where he led the agency’s legislative and general legal functions.

While at DAS, Ms. Choquette co-authored the Handbook on Family and Sick Leave Entitlements, a comprehensive and detailed guide to understanding and managing federal and state family and sick leave laws. Ms. Choquette spent several years as an attorney at Robinson & Cole, LLP, where she focused on advising employers and litigating claims and disputes relating to disability insurance.

Douglas C. Lord, Director of the Stand Library, commented, “… the amount of misinformation and disinformation that exists on the subject is staggering and more than enough to confuse even the most on the ball business owner.”

“Don’t leave questions about your company open to errors, outdated websites, or what your friend’s attorney said. Instead, get the information straight from the source in this webinar, ”added Lord.

“In our ongoing quest to be on the lookout for information that meets the needs of our larger Monroe business community, we are excited to partner with you [these] Chambers and the Stand Library to keep you updated on the Paid Family and Sick Leave Act (PFMLA), ”said Beth Stoller, spokeswoman for the Wheeler Library. “Many business owners and employees are unaware of this new law [is in effect now] or where the funds are to be used. Attending this webinar will answer all of your questions. “

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