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The congressman says the news press passage would soon mean help

“Right now, people across the country and in my district are injured,” said MP Salud Carbajal, Santa Barbara D-Santa Barbara, when speaking about a bipartisan stimulus package. “We have to do this.”

US MP Salud Carbajal praises an economic stimulus package that the House is expected to vote on next week.

If the bill were passed by Congress and incorporated into law, it would provide quick relief to small businesses, including shops and restaurants, the unemployed and other people in need during the pandemic, Rep. Carbajal, D-Santa Barbara, told the news press on Wednesday.

“I think it would be pretty immediate,” he said over the phone from Washington, DC

“Right now people are injured across the country and in my district,” added Rep. Carbajal. “We have to do this.”

The US $ 908 billion bipartisan COVID Emergency Relief Act of 2020 would extend all pandemic unemployment insurance benefits for 16 weeks until they expire on December 31st, December through April.

The bill also provides $ 300 billion for the Small Business Administration and would allow the hardest hit small businesses to receive a second loan for the Paycheck Protection Program. Eligibility would be limited to small businesses with 300 or fewer employees that experienced a 30 percent loss in revenue in each quarter of 2020.

The law also simplifies the lending process for borrowers with PPP loans of $ 150,000 or less.

The law also includes a “fundamental agreement” to provide $ 160 billion to state, local, and tribal governments.

At this point, however, the law does not include stimulus reviews that would go to taxpayers. MP Carbajal said he hoped the bill would be revised to include these checks.

The bill is based on a proposal by the House’s bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, of which Rep. Carbajal is a member.

“We found that the leadership on both sides was having trouble getting a number,” the congressman told the news press.

He said the $ 908 billion was a good compromise between Democrats who wanted more and Republicans who wanted less. “I think we hit a sweet spot by falling below a trillion dollars.

“We seem to have bipartisan support at this point,” said Rep. Carbajal, who expects there will be enough votes to pass the bill in the House and Senate, provided Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell gets the bill Word.

MEP Carbajal said the bill could be put to a vote in parliament on Monday, but must be voted on December 18 at the latest.

The Congressman said the bill mimics the CARES bill, which Congress passed bipartisan earlier this year.

He noted that the new proposal will help retail stores and restaurants as well as workers, families, health care providers and others who provide essential services.

“This is a shot in the arm,” said Rep. Carbajal. “We have to come together and make sure that we can do this now.”

In addition to unemployment benefits, the law covers everything from family and emergency medical leave to rental assistance, student loan forbearance, rental insurance, eviction forbearance, and a moratorium on foreclosures.

“This funding is basically a down payment for additional assistance that will most likely be needed again in the coming year,” said Rep. Carbajal.

In addition to helping the unemployed and small businesses, the law provides money for COVID-19 testing, tracking, and vaccine development and distribution.

Rep. Carbajal meanwhile said he supported efforts to separate Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties from the Southern California region, which is used in intensive statistics for COVID-19.

Rep. Carbajal tested positive for COVID-19 this fall.

He said he’s recovering well but is still dealing with symptoms. “I get easily and unexpectedly tired during the day and feel like I need to take a nap. Eight in the evening feels like one in the evening. “

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