Biden to Signal Presidential Memo Defending Rights of LGBTQ Folks Across the World

Right activist Ginni Thomas, who happens to be married to Clarence Thomas, US Supreme Court Justice, posted what she believed to be an apologetic apology to a group email list of her husband’s former clerks. In that apology, Thomas says she is sorry to share with them her “lifelong passions,” which include her support for now former President Donald Trump and his attempted coup that quickly became violent and deadly.

Thomas does not apologize for the embarrassed former president’s support, policy, actions or comments.

“I owe you all an apology. I probably forced my lifelong passions on you, ”she wrote on the email list, reports the Washington Post.

“My passions and beliefs are likely to be shared with the bulk of you, but certainly not with all. And sometimes the smallest things can keep loved ones apart for too long. Let us promise that politics will not divide THIS family and learn to speak more gently and knowledgeably about the divide. “

The Post describes Thomas, a lobbyist and far-right activist, as “dejected by Trump’s defeat”. She called Trump’s presidency “the best in this country”.

Thomas was not only a passive supporter of President Trump, she actively promoted the disinformation campaign of the so-called “Stop the Steal” movement, as Kristen Doerer of Right Wing Watch reported.

“Many of us hurt after leaving everything in the field to preserve the best of this land,” she wrote to the staff, some of whom have served in the judiciary for the past 30 years. “I feel like I let my parents down, who did their best and taught me to work for freedom.”

She also wrote: “I would ask those of you on the opposite side to have mercy and compassion on those on my side of the polarized world, and you can call me and speak individually about where I let you down as a friend here. I probably need more tutoring. “

“Otherwise, on behalf of both of us, you can be assured of our love for each of you.”


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