Arizona Trump ‘Audit’ Plagued With Issues — and Is Nowhere Near Completion

US Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has been on the fake “Cancel Culture” wave for almost a year. He tried again Tuesday morning, but a Washington Post reporter failed.

Hawley, who was accused by many of being a leader in the January 6th coup attempt after an infamous and now iconic photo of his fist was pumped into the air on the steps of Congress showing “solidarity” with the insurgents and the rioters led to the coup The House of Representatives went viral. Hawley had been the face of the election attempt to disqualify the results of a free and fair election, but the photo sealed the deal for many who have labeled him an insurgent.

Hawley’s book deal was canceled due to his participation, but he quickly got another publisher – and lots of free PR.

The far-right GOP Senator from Missouri has since claimed he was a victim of “culture breakup” without accepting responsibility for his actions. But he used it to upset his base and get them to buy his book.

Well-known tech journalist Kara Swisher sums up the consensus on Hawley’s tactics:

To market his book, Josh Hawley used an iPhone, Twitter, and Amazon. More censorship than censorship.

– Kara Swisher (@karaswisher) April 28, 2021

Meanwhile, Hawley was in a live interview with Washington Post reporter Cat Zakrzewski on Tuesday making his dubious claims about alleged electoral irregularities.

At one point, Hawley harassed and berated Zakrzewski and twisted her words to advance his claims.

“If you want to challenge this, you know they didn’t hear the merits of the case,” Zakrzewski told Hawley, “because there was an appeals court that ruled the case to be unfounded, so it’s difficult.” so that a court will rule on the merits when they do not exist. I want to get back to the book – ”she said before Hawley cut her off.

“No, no, no, wait, no, no,” he interjected. “No, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that they just heard the merits and dismissed them, that’s wrong, that’s wrong. The advantages. An important point, it’s an important point. Look, it’s an important point, don’t try to censor, cancel, and silence me here, ”he told her.

“Senator, we receive you here,” replied Zakrzewski.


Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO): “Don’t try to censor, cancel, and silence me here.” @ Cat_Zakrzewski: “Senator, we welcome you here.”

– The recount (@therecount) May 4, 2021

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