An extended historical past on the fitting facet of civil rights

“What was will be again. What has been done will be done again. There is nothing new under the sun. “Clergyman.

However, some things like the racial relations of the Unity that endure now and throughout history have not been well publicized and there are innumerable unsung white activists of uncompromising integrity. They saw themselves not as saviors, but as equal allies in the search for justice.

John Brown and Charles Sumner were two outstanding white figures among many who opposed slavery, albeit with different tactics. John Brown, who started an armed revolt against slavery, wanted to recruit Frederick Douglass, a self-taught runaway slave. Douglass said it was like “walking into a steel trap” and not “coming out alive!” Douglass had less radical tactics. However, Brown paid for the ultimate – his life. Both viewed Judge Roger Taney as someone who should have apologized for a conflict of interest and uncertainty as to what an article is on its own.

Charles Sumner was a “radical Republican” before his present development. Sumner called the slave institution the “whore” of the nation, in which people and women in particular were exploited. To whom Preston Brookes, a supporter of the institution of slavery, beat him until he passed out. About a century before Brown vs. Board of Education, Sumner tried to integrate schools, albeit unsuccessfully.

About a century after Brown and Sumner’s valiant efforts, there were other whites who were inspired by God to continue their good works. During the heyday of the civil rights movement, photographer Doy Gorton reported on the behavioral nuances of the other southern white America. There were whites from the south who gathered with blacks for Pentecost resuscitation to oppose segregation, at their own risk. There was no news in the mainstream media that day. The media’s attitude towards “if it bleeds, it leads” was the same as it is today.

Today a white woman, Heather Heyer, was killed in a counter protest in Charlotteville, Virginia. These were white people of unsung courage who had the spiritual conviction to stand up for what is right, what is “nothing new under the sun”. ”

In a personal note on the bonds of divine oneness, there is a family member, Leonora Henderson, whose tuition was paid in full to an elite school by a white doctor. He also paid for many other tuition fees.

None of them was a savior. They were allies in the belief that we should be “one nation under God”. Tomorrow there will still be the hidden figures of unity. However, something mortals often fail to understand is that “there is nothing new under the sun!”

William Barrett lives in New Haven.

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