A ‘Shut Ally’ With ‘Sturdy Ties’ to Marjorie Taylor Greene Was A part of the Capitol Attackers: Report

Eddie Gallagher, the now-retired Navy SEAL whose demotion was reversed by President Donald Trump after he was convicted of posing in a photo with the body of a dead ISIS fighter, is making headlines again.

Gallagher “launched a video attack on former SEAL teammates who accused him of murder, shot civilians and testified against him in his San Diego court martial in June,” reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. The 40-year-old Gallagher described some members of his former platoon as “cowards” and highlighted names, photos and – for those who are still on active service – their service status and the current units – in danger. “

Not only did the President reverse his demotion, but he also intervened to ensure he could maintain his SEAL team status and trident. Trump later invited Gallagher to meet him in Mar-a-Lago (photo).

Gallagher’s teammates were “so concerned about his murders of civilians that they tampered with his sniper rifle to make it less accurate, and prosecutors said they would also fire warning shots on civilians to prevent Gallagher from shooting them,” USA reported Today.

Trump intervened in Gallagher’s case before it was closed, leading some to his being pardoned (he wasn’t), but others believe the Commander-in-Chief’s unprecedented and very public support for Gallagher may have resulted in him was acquitted of other charges of war crimes.

At the beginning of this month, Gallagher launched “a lifestyle brand with t-shirts, hoodies and drinking accessories”.

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