A path ahead on civil rights for Mayor Kim Janey

Civil rights attorneys congratulate and welcome Mayor Kim Janey for her historic leadership as Boston’s first female black mayor! For many years, LCR has worked tirelessly to see the city of Boston make critical changes to improve access to equal opportunities, eliminate discriminatory practices, and address a lack of transparency between the city and its various constituencies. Unfortunately, much of this advocacy of racial justice has not been addressed and resolved by previous administrations. LCR welcomes the opportunity to work with the Janey administration to finally address longstanding racial and justice issues.

• • As we move into this new chapter in Boston history, LCR is committed to working with the city on some of the most pressing issues of racial justice and immigration. In particular, LCR urges the city to:

• • Take courageous steps to dismantle entrenched “networks of old boys” that have unjustly and unlawfully deprived minority-owned companies of equal opportunities to make contact for decades.

• • Reforming police practices, including increasing transparency and decoupling policing from mental health services in the face of Terrence Coleman’s deadly shooting.

• • Create a community ID program to integrate and empower vulnerable communities – as the city promised to study back in 2017.

• • Take concrete steps to ensure diversity in public employment so that our public institutions – including but not limited to the Boston Police Department and Boston Fire Department – truly reflect the communities they serve.

• • Solve civil rights suits the city has fought for years, including Coleman v Boston, Figueroa v Boston, Smith v Boston, and De La Rosa, and step on the side of justice.

With the expertise and guidance of Mayor Janey and the support of a brave and courageous city council, immediate action on any of these issues can expedite solutions to longstanding discriminatory behavior and unfair practices.

Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, Esq. is the managing director of Lawyers for Civil Rights.

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