$5,000 Wonderful, No Contact Order Issued for Seabrook Man Who Violated Civil Rights Act

A Seabrook man who made racist threats to a family last year violated the state’s civil rights law. The Rockingham Superior Court has decided.

John Doran, unprovoked, began blurring a car with a family that had returned from a beach trip last July, according to a complaint published by the Justice Department in January.

When a victim approached him, Doran put a gas hose on her, threatened to burn her and said, “Go back to Africa.”

Rockingham County Superior Court on Monday issued a ruling finding that the incident was motivated by racial animus and was intended to terrorize the family.

Doran is excluded from contact with the victims and faces a civil penalty of $ 5,000.

The incident was captured on video by the petrol station’s surveillance system. In addition to civil rights charges, Doran was also charged with two criminal threats and simple assault charges.

The case was being followed up by the Civil Rights Unit in the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office.

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