5 Finest Compensation Attorneys in Chicago🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading compensation attorneys in Chicago. To help you find the best compensation attorneys near you in Chicago, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

Chicago’s Best Lawyers for Compensation:

The top rated Compensation Attorneys in Chicago are:

  • Gerald F. Connor – Gerald F. Connor law firms
  • Charlie Given – Krol Bongiorno & Given Ltd.
  • David Kosin – Kosin Law Office, Ltd. Workers Compensation and Work Injury Lawyers
  • Joseph J. Leonard – Leonard Law Group
  • Kevin Yen – Electricity & Associates

Gerald F. Connor law firmsGerald F. Connor - Gerald F. Connor law firms

Gerald F. Connor has a role in infringement law throughout his career. Before opening his own practice, he worked for three different well-known injury law firms, where he gained valuable experience. He understands that clients come to him in nerve-wracking circumstances and is determined to guide them through the ordeal.

Dishonest practices used by insurance companies and their lawyers will not be tolerated by Mr Connor who guarantees you will get a favorable result. As a lone practitioner, you will be more concerned with your case. Mr. Connor does not work with other lawyers. Hence, you will be in direct contact with an attorney during this difficult process.

With medium or large law firms, you may find the lead partner to handle your case at the beginning and then have your case passed on to an inexperienced agent mid-way through the process.


Infringement Act


Address: 203 N LaSalle St # 2100, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 646-5124
Website: www.geraldfconnorlaw.com


“Gerald really helped me with my work case. I’m not sure what I would have done without him. I would recommend it to everyone! “- Gigi M.

Krol Bongiorno & Given Ltd.Charlie Given - Krol Bongiorno & Given Ltd.

Charlie Given joined her company in 2005 and was made a partner in 2013. Charlie attended Indiana University college, where he received a degree in finance. He graduated from the Law School of the University of San Diego and was inducted into the California Attorney’s Office in 2003 and Illinois in 2005.

Charlie has devoted his legal practice to representing injured workers in all aspects of their claims before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission with great success. Between 2009 and 2019, Charlie generated more than $ 50,000,000 in comparisons and awards for clients.

Charlie systematically generates some of the largest settlements and awards on the commission. Charlie represents both unionized and non-union injured workers. Most of Charlie’s practice is representing injured trucking and Chicago city employees.


Medical benefits, temporary benefits in the event of complete disability, permanent benefits in the event of partial disability


Address: 20 S Clark St STE 1820, Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: (312) 726-5567
Website: www.krol-law.com


“Charles Given is a 5 start lawyer who comes highly recommended. Very helpful and professional. “- Timm V.

Kosin Law Office, Ltd. Workers Compensation and Work Injury LawyersDavid Kosin - Kosin Law Office, Ltd.  Workers Compensation and Work Injury Lawyers

David Kosin has been a respected and experienced representative of the injured for over 50 years. For the past three decades, David Kosin has earned a reputation before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Illinois Circuit Court, the Illinois Court of Claims, and the Illinois Appellate Court for successfully fighting for severely injured people.

Maximizing his client’s utility while understanding a client’s future needs in simple and complex litigation is always his priority. David has successfully closed thousands of cases, whether through litigation or settlement, involving individuals injured as a result of negligence of any kind.

David has particularly dedicated his professional life to representing individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of their employment under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.


Employee compensation, personal injury


Address: 134 N LaSalle St Ste 1340, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312) 236-1892
Website: www.kosinlaw.com


“As an attorney with over 30 years of experience in social security disability rights, I’ve never come across lawyers who have been as careful as David and Marilyn Kosin when it comes to the interplay between employee compensation and social security benefits for the disabled. We often have common clients and work together to maximize both cash and health insurance benefits for our clients. David and Marilyn are hard workers and most of all, they always give back customer calls! “- Paul M.

Leonard Law GroupJoseph J. Leonard - Leonard Law Group

Joseph J. Leonard He received his BA from Lake Forest College in 1986 and his JD / MBA from Dominican University and John Marshall Law School in 1993. Joseph was immediately hired by a reputable Chicago defense firm, where he focused on defending employers and employing their insurance companies in compensation cases for major claims workers across Illinois.

The permanent partners recognized his abilities from the start and trusted that Joseph handled the cases of high-profile employee compensation for large customers. Joseph specializes in difficult end-of-career compensation claims and permanent total disability claims. Joseph represents his clients with personal injury with the same zeal. Joseph focuses his personal injury practice on site accidents and represents carpenters, ironworkers, manual workers and all craftsmen.


Employee compensation, personal injury


Address: 325 S Paulina St Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 487-2513
Website: www.leonardlawgroup.net


“I would like to thank Joe Leonard and his staff for their good work in this difficult Covid climate. They made the process extremely easy because it could be done safely and effectively. I am perfectly happy with my worker’s compensation scheme and have been able to receive open medical care which was a nice bonus. Their communication channels by phone and email always answered all questions quickly and they informed me about my case in good time. If you’re looking for a great team to help you get a more than fair solution, give them a call. “- James A.

Electricity & AssociatesKevin Yen - Electricity & Associates

Kevin Yen is the administrative partner for the Personal Injury Department of Strom & Associates, Ltd. He also leads the investigation into cases of neglect and abuse in nursing homes. He has been a member of the firm since 2002 and has dedicated his work to litigation relating to personal injury. He has represented well over a thousand customers and their families and assists them in claiming compensation for their loss.

His clients have listed family members who have lost loved ones in a tragic accident, injured children, construction workers injured on the construction site, and a host of others. Kevin has received a variety of successful recoveries for his clients, including a multi-million dollar settlement for the family of a man who was killed in a car accident.

He has challenged cases against a wide variety of defendants, including multinational corporations, construction companies, trucking and intermodal transport companies, municipalities, nursing homes and hospitals. Mr. Yen continues to help his customers by giving them the utmost attention and reasonable advice.


Personal injury, accidents involving automobiles and trucks, abuse and neglect of care homes, accidents on the construction site


Address: 180 N LaSalle St Ste 2510, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 609-0400
Website: www.stromlawyers.com


“I would honestly refer this company to many of my friends and family, they are very hardworking people. My lawyer is Kevin Yen and he’s the best! If you need a great lawyer I would say go with him, he really is amazing. “- Aaliyah R.


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