July 21, 2021 — FCW

FCW-Insider: July 21, 2021

TSA imposes new cyber rules on pipeline operators

The new mitigation requirements come as the US credits an earlier attempt to hack the US pipeline infrastructure to a Chinese state sponsored group.

OPM takes back control of the CHCO Council

The move reaffirms the central role of the Human Resources Management Office in guiding the government’s human resources policy.

The report lacks a comprehensive strategy to combat violent extremism

The Department of Homeland Security does not assess critical external factors and has not yet implemented a data governance framework in developing terrorism prevention strategies, a new report warns.

Fast hits

*** The House Oversight and Reform Committee proposed a bill sponsored by the Presiding Republic. Carolyn Maloney (DN.Y.), which would extend 12 weeks of paid family leave for federal employees for the circumstances set out in the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. The committee approved a number of bills at the same meeting, including one to create a new professional suite for federal professions in software development and data science.

*** Non-partisan law passed in the Senate Tuesday would authorize the newly created National Cyber ​​Director’s Office to attract qualified experts from all over Germany. “Having a fully staffed and functional office for the National Cyber ​​Director is critical to addressing current and emerging threats. Mike laps (RS.D.) said in a statement.

Written by FCW employees on July 21, 2021 at 2:18 a.m.

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